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LOST in JB: Eco Palladium

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a game in which participants voluntarily enter a themed room and are given a set amount of time to find a way to “escape” by discovering hidden clues and solving a series of riddles and puzzles.


What time should I arrive?

We ask that all groups arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their booking time.


Can I reschedule?/ What is your refund policy?

For cancellations/ rescheduling requests more than 24 hours away from scheduled session, LOST will assist to either

(1) Reschedule to a new session with no extra cost

(2) Cancel the session and provide a full refund

For last minute cancellations/ rescheduling requests less than 24 hours away from scheduled session, no refunds or rescheduling will be allowed

No refunds or rescheduling will be allowed for no shows or late arrival or cancellation 10min before scheduled time


What is the age limit?

Anyone can join! However, we ask that children aged 12 and under must have an adult accompany them!


Are the games suitable for pregnant women/ people with disabilities?

Some of our games require some physical activity, such as climbing or crawling. If unsure or if you have any concerns, please contact us and we will suggest games that suit you.


Is there a dress code?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that it is easy to move around in. 


Do you have any rooms available today?

You can check our available slots online under “Book Now”


Do I need to book online or can I walk in?

While we do always do everything we can to accommodate walk ins, it's not always possible as sessions often get booked out in advance. It is strongly recommended that you book your session online to secure your spot!


How do I know if my booking was successful?

A confirmation email will be sent to you with your booking details. In some cases, the email might end up in your spam/junk folder, please check those folders if you can't find it.


How many people can play?

Most games are designed for 2-8 players. However, some games may have different requirements. Click on the game posters under the “Book Now” or "Game Rooms" page to view the recommended player range.


I already made a booking but now I want to add one more person, is that possible?

Sure is! Additional players can just pay on the day, provided they don't go over the maximum player capacity.


Can I exceed the suggested player range?

We strongly advise that you follow the recommended player range for the best experience. Having too many players can make the rooms more cramped & less enjoyable for the whole group. If you have more players that want to play, it is best that you split up into 2 teams instead.

If you don’t mind your experience potentially being affected and insist on having more players in a team, we can make exceptions by allowing just 1 more player extra. You may make payment for the additional player at our counter on the day itself.


Can I record my experience/ Can I receive my room footage?

Unfortunately we do not allow any type of footage of the rooms, we want to keep it a surprise for future escapees!